Mother’s Courage: Risking All to Save Her Calf from the Jaws of a Giant Python

Video recorded by a farmer shows an angry mother cow swinging her hooves to kick the giant python’s head as if to avenge her dead calf, Longroom reported on May 8.

However, the 5-meter-long anaconda was tied to a rope by three farmers and pulled away, showing no fear at the mother’s actions.

Before the attack, the python immediately counterattacked. It tries to bite the mother cow, then begins the process of devouring the bait by opening its mouth wide open near the calf carcass.

The mother cow also used all her strength to prevent the predator from approaching and stomped her feet hard on the python. Finally, after many bites from the python, the cow was forced to leave.

“The monster is very strong. We often encounter this situation. It was a huge loss that we couldn’t get close to the calf in time and save it.

I have never seen a cow react like that before. It was completely angry and roared loudly as if it was crying.

Although the mother cow has the advantage of attacking from above, the python does not fit and wants to eat the calf. That’s why we had to intervene,” the farmer said.