Newly Discovered Animals Resemble Humans in Appearance and Body Shape

Alien-Like Creature with Human-Like Face Attacking Farmers in Rajasthan?

Images of an alien-like creature with a face resembling that of a man have resurfaced and are now viral on social media platforms. Learn the truth behind this here.

An image of an alien-like creature with a face resembling that of a man has resurfaced and gone viral on social media platforms. While the image is old, it is circulating with the claim that a “dagger creature” has escaped from Rajasthan. Many people are sharing this image of a purported alien-like creature with a face resembling that of a human, urging farmers to be on alert.

Lastly, delve deeper to find the source of the viral image. We discovered that the so-called strange creation is a silicone sculpture created by an Italian artist, Laira Magaᴏcᴏ. The viral image can be found on her Facebook and Instagram accounts. The artist also has a website describing her as a specialist in hyperrealism and surrealism, utilizing techniques of exploration to “bring silicone works to life.”

Facebook Post by Laira Magaпυcᴏ:

[Photos: Laira Magaпυcᴏ]

It is very evident that Magačcᴏ’s scrupulous work is mistakenly shared as a strange creature and with the claim that it is attacking farmers. In a time when fake news is rampant and misinformation can lead to unnecessary panic, LatestLY advises its users to be cautious. Do not believe everything you receive on WhatsApp or see on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to fact-check before sharing on social media.”

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