Old English In America: A Jaguar XJ6 With A Unique Build

A 1970s Jaguar screams affluence, but cars like the one I’m about to show you can now be picked up for a song. That fact grants endless possibilities for customization, even on a modest budget.

It’s not unheard of to find a ’70s or ’80s XJ for under a grand here in the US, but of course, any car that cheap will be in need of work. With some patience though, these older Jags can be a great platform for a unique build. Jacob Kravitz’ series one 1972 XJ6, AKA ‘Old English‘ is proof of that.

Jacob’s Jaguar, a project he is completing with his dad, is very much a work in progress. But the goal has always been the same: to continually evolve the XJ6 until it’s the cleanest home garage-built car it can be.

That will take however long it takes, because there are no plans to ever sell it. There are already numerous neat details though, arguably the biggest of which is what’s now living under the XJ6’s long hood.

These cars came with XK straight-six engines from factory, but this Jag now beats to the sound of an American drum – a small block Chevy-shaped one.

Jacob and his dad pulled this particular 350ci V8 from an ’85 Chevy truck, and it’s not only breathed new performance into the old Jag, but improved its reliability too. Then there’s the heartbeat – have a listen

Outside, the body remains original – right down to most of the 50-year-old paint – but it looks a whole lot tougher thanks to a suspension drop and a set of Pontiac Trans Am mesh wheels. Spacers are used to get the latter sitting just right.

Halo headlights are a polarizing modification, and I’m usually not a big fan. But something about the juxtaposition of vintage and modern together got me with this one.

Inside, a pair of custom-trimmed BMW E30 seats have been adapted to fit, and Jacob has also now built a custom dashboard with modern gauges.

‘Old English’ is truly a generational build featuring cues from both of its crafter’s eras. It’s also mixing old and new, and stately British and American muscle car aspects. That’s pretty cool.