Pandem Widebody Kit for 1970 Chevrolet Camaro Premieres Smooth, Square Fenders

With GM doing nothing to silence the rumors about the Camaro being axed or becoming an all-electric sedan starting in 2024 at the earliest, Chevy’s muscle car feels more precious than ever. And that’s not just in our hearts. Tuners are taking notice too, with the freshest example being a Pandem widebody kit for the 1970 Camaro.

1970 was the first year for the second iteration of the Camaro. And what a generation that was! Not unlike the current car, the Gen II ‘Maro went through a decade plagued by oil crises and eventually had to leave the big-horsepower V8s behind in a bid to cope with tightening emission standards as it soldiered on though 1981.

Japanese developer Tra Kyoto is famous for its Rocket Bunny widebody kits, albeit with these being sold in the U.S. under the Pandem brand. And speaking of the connection between the two countries, the specialist swept everybody off their feet last week at the Tokyo Auto Salon when it introduced this kit, for two main reasons.

Smooth fenders are a first for Pandem

Yes, Pandem’s signature square wheel arches are present. And, before anybody frowns, keep in mind this should come in handy when people look at your well-groomed custom ride and hit you with the “not ANOTHER Camaro build!” stick.

However, instead of the expected overfenders packing visible rivets, the Pandem 1970 Camaro package features smooth fenders, with this style being a first for Pandem/Rocket Bunny.

Naturally, Kei Miura, the man behind Tra Kyoto, was the one who designed the fenders. However, these were build by Jun Sakamoto of the J,beat custom shop (@j.beat_customshop), whose most famous work includes custom metal bodywork.

In addition, Pandem’s Camaro kit also features a generously-sized air dam up front, along with a cowl hood. Moving to the posterior, there’s a three-piece wickerbill, which builds on the look of the factory spoiler.

The Pandem Rocket Bunny muscle car uprising

Until late last year, Pandem/Rocket Bunny didn’t have a single muscle car in its widebody kit range. Nevertheless, at the Tokyo Auto Salon, Tra Kyoto showcased no less than three aero packages aimed at American muscle. These accompanied the Gen V Corvette kit released last Novermber at SEMA, as well as a package for the 2023 Nissan Z (aka 400Z).

And if you prefer the original muscle car of the 1960s, the specialist has you covered thanks to the Pandem Pontiac Firebird (1967-1968) widebody. Frankly, with an onslaught of muscle renderings hitting the company’s Instagram page last month, we had doubts about the real-world incarnation of this one, but it hit Tokyo in the metal!

Then there’s the Pandem Ford Mustang widebody, which is destined for the S197 I. This is the original retro-styled modern ‘Stang that was built for the 2005-2009 model years, before the S197 II took over, ushering in major tech and styling revisions.

Pandem’s 1970 Camaro demo car is a Trans Am tribute with a Big Block secret

The 1970 Camaro demo car for Pandem was built for Takahashi Jun, a Tra Kyoto dealer in the Land of the Rising Sun. And, thanks to those neatly-integrated fenders, this is even more of a Trans Am racing tribute than the Pandem Firebird.

As some of you know, the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) introduced the original Trans American racing series in 1966. However, many regard the 1970 season as the peak, with officially backed entries coming from AMC, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Pontiac and Plymouth. Unlike NASCAR, which focused on full-size Americana doing battle mostly on oval tracks, Trans Am involved more agile pony/muscle cars running on top circuits around the country.

However, while the Trans American racing series limited engine size to 305 ci (5.0L), this ’70 Camaro is no Small Block. Instead, that Pandem hood, which is functional, conceals a Chevy Big Block—take a peek below thanks to photos provided by @j.beat__tanizoo.

We’re talking about a 6.5L V8 that howls at us via side exhausts. The engine sends its power to the rear wheels via a four-speed manual and a two-way limited-slip differential. And, in yet another “JDM muscle” play, the 12J rear Watanabe wheels are shod in fat Mickey Thomspon rubber.

Now, if you’re aiming to check out Pandem’s three-car muscle squad, this awaits you in the short Instagram clip below.