Pit bull won’t leave his tiny rescue kitten for one second — and he’s the first one to know when the kitten gets sick

When the kitten arrived at his foster home, he wasn’t in good shape. He was very sick and would need lots of TLC to survive. But it would turn out to be a dog that nurses him back to health.

His foster mom immediately flew into action to nurse the kitten back to health. She was very concerned about the little cat and had no idea he would be in such terrible condition when he arrived at her home.

The kitten had apparently been dumped and had not received any care. He was feeling terrible and filthy when he arrived. His eyes were infected, and he had mange. Despite this, he was making biscuits on his blanket and was happy to be saved.

The tiny kitten was a survivor and wanted to get well. He soon began to eat and drink and after a few days, began to start feeling a lot better. By day 6, the kitty was starting to thrive, and it was time to introduce him to some new friends.

So, mom introduced the kitten she named Violet to Chapo. Chapo loves kitties but mom wasn’t sure how the kitten would take to the dog. But the two instantly bonded and Violet wanted nothing more than to be by Chapo’s side.

Unfortunately, Violet had a huge setback. He contracted a bad respiratory virus and was once again very sick. Chapo was very concerned about Violet and kept checking on the kitten to make sure he was okay.

Chapo turned out to be a great nurse to Violet because soon the kitty began to recover. Chapo mothered the kitten and taught him what it meant to be part of a family that loved him. The two could not be any sweeter.

Despite the kitten’s rough start, with love and care, he recovered from all the neglect and illness he had in his life. He learned what love was from his mom and doggy bestie.

Although the kitten was neglected, he was now thriving. Thanks to all the rescuers and fosters who race in to save animals, like Violet, that would not survive without help. Chapo deserves a shout-out for being such a good dog.

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