Police Find Abandoned Pup Chained Up in Freezing Cold for 3 Nights Over Christmas, Find Her Shelter

As extremely cold temperatures befell parts of the U.S. over Christmas, one abandoned canine in New Jersey suffered the storm more painfully than many of us.

The Neptune Township Police Department found Coco the Rottweiler chain-tethered to a stepped railing along Fisher Avenue on the morning of December 28.

After the pipes in her owners’ home had frozen, they left Coco outside on a concrete pad with no food, no water, nor any protection from the elements. Coco spent three icy-cold nights outside in temperatures well below freezing.

Coco spent three freezing-cold nights on a concrete pad after her owners abandoned the house. (Courtesy of Monmouth County SPCA)

Coco was found alone, without food, water, or shelter. (Courtesy of Monmouth County SPCA)

After Neptune Township Police Department discovered her, they alerted Monmouth County SPCA, who immediately responded to recover the poor girl.

“Coco was extremely confused and excited to see Animal Control come to her rescue,” Monmouth County SPCA told The Epoch Times. “When we got her back to the shelter, she kept licking everyone’s face and was so sweet.”

They warmed her up and gave her food, water, and a comfortable place to rest.

Coco was brought to Monmouth County SPCA where she was warmed up and given food, water, and a place to rest. (Courtesy of Monmouth County SPCA)

Bloodwork later showed that she may have kidney stones and a genetic eye condition that affects her vision—likely the result of careless breeding, they said.

The Monmouth County SPCA described Coco as being “gentle, loyal, and loving” toward their staff and volunteer friends.

The dog’s former owners will be charged with two counts of animal cruelty—the first for cruel restraint; the second for failure to provide necessary care.

“The owners of Coco made no attempt whatsoever to help Coco and they did not seem remorseful at all,” Monmouth County SPCA said. “We charge both, boyfriend and girlfriend, with animal cruelty.”

The Monmouth County SPCA stated on Facebook that although she is not yet up for adoption, they encourage anyone interested to keep tabs on their social media and website for updates.

“This girl deserves a loving home,” they added.