Rescued from the Cold: A Tearful Puppy Finds Hope and Comfort in the Arms of a Compassionate Rescuer

A puppy was abandoned in a snowstorm in the city of St. Louis. He curled up beside a utility pole to keep warm. The dog screamed in distress as he lay in the cold snow. He knew he needed help fast. It was only a matter of time before hypothermia set in and his organs began to shut down.

Thankfully, his howling was heard and Stray Rescue of St. Louis was called in. When a rescuer arrived and saw the heartbreaking scene, her jaw dropped. How could anyone leave this precious soul on his own?

A leash was placed around him and his rescuer said, as she lifted up his face, “It’s ok, I know you’re cold. We’re going to get you warm.” The puppy still cried but not as loudly. He understood she was there to save his life. Once the puppy was placed inside the rescuer’s vehicle, he wagged his tail happily. She decided to name the pup Bowie.

Bowie was taken to the vet and received a clean bill of health. He had such a charming personality that it came as no shock that he was adopted quickly. He fell in love with his new dad and the feelings were mutual. He took over the bed and couch in his new home and his dad, Shawn, was completely fine with it. Considering where he came from and what he had been through, seeing him happy and at peace was all Shawn could hope for.

Bowie’s journey continues. To see his rescue and what happens next, check out the video below. Thank you, Stray Rescue of St. Louis! Without you, so many animals, like Bowie, would perish.

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