Rottweiler Given 6 Weeks To Live Starts Checking Things Off Her Bucket List

How far would you go to make your dog’s dreams come true if you found out your pup only had six more weeks to live?

Simon Spencer and Teresa Clancy love their Rottweiler, Coco. To them, Coco is more than a pet, she is family. They took great care of her and tried to give her everything she could ever want or need.


Coco was a loving loyal big girl who was very gentle with her family. She lived a comfortable life filled with her favorite foods and lots of love and attention. She had a great family and was such a lucky girl.

One day when Coco wasn’t feeling well, Simon took her to the vet. Hoping that it would be a minor ailment, Simon was devastated to learn that Coco was very ill. Worse, the vet also told him that his best friend would only live another six weeks.


With no other choice but to face the painful reality that they would be losing her, Coco’s owners decided to make her last days as great as they could. So, they decided to come up with a bucket list filled with fun things Coco would love.

So, they wrote down all the things that Coco would enjoy doing during her final weeks with them. They came up with a bunch of adventures and yummy treats, like these and many more:

Day at the beachDrive through Big MacHelicopter rideA meal in a restaurantSushi dinnerShare an ice cream with daddySit in the front cab of a trainPlay football at the beachGo swimming with daddy

Thanks to the devotion of her family, Coco’s last days were filled with love and fun. She spent the last 6 weeks of her life truly living and enjoying the people she loved most in the world. It didn’t hurt that she got to enjoy some special treats, too.

Despite knowing her end was near, her family didn’t want her to stop living until she had to go to the Bridge. They did all they could to make many more happy memories and make their last days together very special.

We love this story so much. If only all dogs could live their best life until their last breath the world would be a better place. We hope you enjoyed it, too. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.