Stray Dog Never Stopped Smiling and Asking to Be Petted Even After Living 7 Years in a Field

Zelda lived as a stray dog in a field for 7 years. “It was not easy, considering the harsh Romanian winters, but she had her little ‘house’ there and a kind man brought her food regularly,” wrote Romanian dog rescue Howl Of The Dog.

Zelda had other dog friends there and whenever people came to see her she was always smiling and wanting human attention. But Zelda’s circumstances changed when the nearby area became residential. People living in the new homes began to complain about the dogs.

Her rescuers explained, “Sadly, one of the dogs from their pack was found dead one day, and that’s when the person who used to feed them got in touch with us and asked us if we could take the dogs from there.”

Thankfully, Howl of The Dog was able to take Zelda and one of her friends. It took a while, but Zelda found the perfect family.

They sent video and photos showing Zelda’s new life.

She now lives in Germany and has the happiest life. Her adoptive mom told Howl Of The Dog: “Zelda is the best thing that could happen. Me and all of my family and friends are truly in love with her. Wherever possible I take her with me and she loves it.”