Street Muscle Recaps All The LS Fest West 2022 Action

It seems every year Holley’s LS Fest West is bigger and badder than the last, and 2022 was no different. While many were worried about the overall success of the show due to the somewhat inclement weather that kicked things off – read, grey overcast skies, torrents of rain, and monster gusts of wind, the beaming Nevada sun graced us with its presence

Of course, the Street Muscle Magazine team was there a day early while everyone was eagerly setting up. We showed up on Thursday for the annual cruise we orchestrate with our sister magazines – LSX Magazine and Chevy Hardcore. We lead the ever-growing group of frothing gearheads through the Valley Of Fire State Park to take in the sights of the gorgeous red rock formations. We stopped and took plenty of photos. You can read all about that, here.

Preparing to head out on the annual Valley Of Fire Cruise.

Cruising into Friday, our spirits were high, but the weather was looming. We’re not sure how many rain slickers were sold that day, but it was certainly a lot more than anyone expected. But that didn’t stop anyone from taking part in all the fun.

So, bear with us as we list the various events Holley puts on for the adoring LS fans, because they are numerous! The show has everything from an extremely competitive autocross, the 3S Challenge, the crowd favorite burnout competition, the car show (of course), drift challenge, dirt destruction, drag racing, dyno challenge, the Grand Championship, a donut pit, and several other special events.

For you, we’ve curated a selection of our photos from the event and included a gallery at the bottom of the article for those of you who would like to skip ahead. For now, we’ve separated them into their respective categories. Enjoy…

QA1 Autocross

According to Holley, the autocross sponsored by QA1 is a “low-speed competition designed to highlight the handling, acceleration and braking of your ride. The wide sweepers, tight hairpins, chicanes, and slalom sections of the course will keep your adrenaline pumping from start to finish.”

If you’re jonesing for some time around the cones yourself, there’s always next year. Of course, there are plenty of events going on around the country, so maybe brush up on your game in anticipation. Because, like Holley says, “you’re guaranteed to enjoy a lot of track time over the course of the three day event. And if you think your ride handles pretty well, then put it to the test on the QA1 autocross course.”

Baer Brakes 3S Challenge

3S Challenge stands for Speed, Stop & Steering and combines elements of autocross and speed-stop into a single event that will test the ultimate limits of car and driver. Car balance, power, suspension set-up, brakes, along with driver skill and focus will be the keys to fast times. The 3S Challenge will be fun for both participants and spectators alike. The 3S Challenge is part of the Grand Champion competition and will be held in place of the autocross on Sunday. It will be open to all participants signed up for autocross.

Blueprint Engines Burnout Contest

What more can we say that the name doesn’t already tell you about this event? Smoke and chunks of rubber were flying during the LS Fest West 2022 Burnout Contest! Every year people bring some of the baddest LS-powered vehicles to show off what they’re tire shredding machines can do, and this event is entirely about having fun with those fire-breathing rides.

Hooker Blackheart Car Show

Have you created a masterpiece of mechanical artwork around your LS or current generation LT? If nice paint and flawless chrome is your thing, then the Hooker Blackheart/ Car Show is the place for you. Experienced judges will be on hand looking for the details and the Holley crew will be choosing their favorites as well. We even have an “Under Construction” class for those of you who aren’t quite done with your ride. We want to see what you’re building! See below for class descriptions.

What would LS Fest West be without a car show of monster proportions? This section was for the enthusiasts who built masterpieces out of their rides and want to show them off. A team of judges with an eye for detail were using those scrutinizing eyes to select winners in a number of classes ranging from street rods (pre ’49) and muscle car (’64-’72), to late model (’96-current) and lowrider. They even have a class labeled “Under Construction” for those unfinished LS-based project vehicles. Check out the photos and see if you spot your ride!

Drift Challenge

Drifting has a storied past that can be traced back to the mountains of Japan. The sport has now become mainstream not only in the land of the rising sun, but in these United States as well. As such, Holley sought to include a drifting challenge among the many festivities that took place over the three-day event.

The Holley website describes the Drift Challenge as, “skilled drivers and their vehicles competing in tandem competition around a predetermined course to decide a winner. Drivers are evaluated by a panel of three judges that decide who advances to the next round based on three criteria: line, angle, and overall style.”

If you’re interested in taking part next year, just know, Holley rewards those who do well by offering a $1,500 purse and great publicity. Second and third place take home $750 and $375 checks as well. And they say, ” it doesn’t matter what make and model the vehicle is as long as it’s powered by an LS or current generation LT engine.

FlowMaster Dirt Destruction

If asphalt isn’t what calls your name but you still love a great LS-powered vehicle, you’d love what they had going on on dirt! There were high-flying pre runners and off-road race vehicles flinging chunks of mud and dirt every which way and launching themselves halfway to Nellis Air Force Base. There were several opportunities to see these shredders huck their whips off the monster jumps and the crowd was loving it!

LSX Magazine Drag Race

Our sister magazine sponsored drag racing event is always a crowd pleaser. This straight-up 1,320 ft competition brings in some of the fastest LS-powered vehicles from all over the country. There were plenty of classes for participants to choose from so there was no shortage of variety.

HP Tuners Dyno Challenge

One of the coolest things about the event in our opinion is the ability for anyone with a vehicle entered into the show to take part in the dyno challenge. Holley states, “any registered LS Fest participant can have their vehicle measured for horsepower and torque by visiting the dyno area and signing up.”

They even take it a step further and make it a competition. “First, second, and third place awards will be given to those who lay down the highest numbers in both power adder and non-power adder categories.”

Sac Speed Shop Donut Pit

Controlled chaos. That’s what the Sac Speed Shop Donut Pit/Side Show is all about. Entrants get the chance to bounce their LS-powered vehicles off the rev limiter while melting the hides off their tires all to the cheer of the crowd. Of course, safety is the number one priority so beefy concrete barriers separate the tire-shredding violence from the spectators as massive billowing clouds of tire smoke emanate from the arena and a cacophonous roar of exhaust fills the air. 2022 did not disappoint!