Terrified, Mangy Husky Is Found Abandoned In Trash Pile. One Year Later She Looks Unrecognizable

Sometimes the best dogs come from the worst circumstances. This is Miley’s story.

It was a dreary day outside, perfectly matching the sight one man was about to see. While trekking through a massive trash pile, a man stumbled upon something that seemed very out of place.

In the middle of a sea of garbage lay a battered white husky, who would later be named Miley.

A closer look allowed the man to see that the tired, helpless dog was balding and suffering from mange. Miley continued sitting, too weak to prop herself up on her legs.

The dog eventually stood up with sadness in her eyes. The man helped lift her and put a colorful leash around her neck. He then reached out his arm and petted the frail, abandoned puppy. He stroked her face, letting her know she would be OK.

“She actually, like, jumped into my car. She was so ready to be rescued,” the man recalls in the video below, posted on November 16, 2016.

After picking the poor dog up and taking her out of the dump she was discovered in, the man brought Miley to receive the medical attention she desperately needed.

She didn’t deserve what was done to her, so her health quickly became a priority.

Since being rescued, Miley has become a much more energetic dog. Now she enjoys being around people and other dogs, a far cry from how she was first found. The playful puppy is quickly growing into a loving canine alongside her new friend, Frankie, a fellow rescue dog.

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