The heroic moment a dog trapped in toxic molten rubber is rescued

This is one doggone dramatic rescue!

A poor pooch drowning in a sticky pool of molten rubber is alive and well thanks to the heroic efforts of a passer-by who unwittingly found himself on paw patrol.

Panting for air between her desperate whimpers for help, the hapless pup stepped in the glob of waste material — a mix typically used for repairing roads — before finding herself almost fully engulfed in the gooey toxic wad, carelessly dumped on the side of the road by the plant workers.

“I couldn’t go into the rubber because I would have been stuck, too,” cafe owner Supatra Baisri, 30, told Newsflare after stumbling across the stray female dog, nearly submerged in the rubberized asphalt on an industrial estate in Nakhon Nayok, Thailand.

“I couldn’t even reach the dog with a stick to help her.”

Baisri, whose small cafe neighbors the industrial park, was taking a walk in the area when he spotted the distressed doggy with her light brown fur covered by the thick molten mix and only a corner of her mouth poking out for small sips of oxygen.

Unable to save the helpless hound by himself, Baisri called emergency services who raced to the scene, commandeered an excavator and dug her out of the rubber.

Once extricated, the pup’s saviors doused her in petroleum benzin oil to remove the rubber and prevent her skin and fur from being irreparably damaged.

The rescue operation took two hours and the dog, which veterinarians have since named Mali, is now safe.

”People need to be much more careful about how they dispose of rubbish. It can cause so much harm to animals,” one of the vets who treated Mali said. “If nobody had found Mali she would have died.”

Mali is now recovering in Baisri’s care. Now that’s what we call a man looking out for man’s best friend!