There are 44 ideas for “little cottages in the garden” built to relax in the garden

The idea of ​​a “small wooden house” is budget-friendly.

A small house has quite a small usable area.

beautiful design house that emphasizes decoration with wooden materials

A cottage in the garden can rest and store things.

Simple wooden cabins with a raised platform and a balcony to enjoy the cool breeze.

The house has a compact and distinctive design.

Create a private world which is not far from the main house

used as a vacation home in the provinces easy construction

Quiet and private relaxation corner in the garden

build a small house Suitable for those who have little space

wooden hut in the middle of the forest Enjoy the green nature

Compact one-story house dark gable roof

cottage house answers It’s small and compact.

In the midst of nature, quiet and private.

little cottage in the garden Created as a private resting area