Classic cars are shooting up in value. Electrification, autonomous technology, and a bland sense of driving are the driving forces here. In America, this has turned a lot of people to love and adore classic muscle cars more than ever. Restomods has taken this opportunity to make “muscle” dreams true.

Their latest giveaway involved a very desirable modern HEMI V8-packed 1971 Dodge Challenger Restomod. This one is extra special because the first-gen Challenger has attained the badge of a timeless classic. And on top of that, the dudes at Restomods managed to blend modern technology and old-school vibes in a drool-worthy ratio.

Apart from the famed HEMI V8 heart, this modernized 1970s Challenger also gets a slew of modern custom mechanical and interior upgrades to elevate the driving experience. And one lucky guy from South Carolina (who we are envious of!) won this cool Challenger Restomod and $20,000 in cash. And all he did to enroll was buy a few iPhone cables!

Restomods Packs A Modern HEMI V8 In A ’71 Challenger

Restomods 1971 Dodge Challenger HEMI V8 engine bay

Restomods has done an impressive job with this cool 1971 Challenger restomod. And the most “muscular” surprise in this classic car lies under its hood. It packs in a third-generation 5.7-Liter HEMI V8 engine.

In its most powerful stock form, this engine was offered in various tunings. But the most powerful form churned out 399 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque. We aren’t sure as to what the power figures of the engine in this Challenger Restomod are, but it is most-likely to be over the 350-HP mark to match the aura of this cool classic shell.

The engine is coupled to a Silver Sport A41 automatic transmission which is sure to make this modern classic a lot snapper and interactive to drive around. Also, to help this engine perform at its prime, a Tanks Inc. fuel tank was added in with an in-tank EFI fuel pump.

This 1971 Dodge Challenger Restomod Oozes With Custom Parts Inside-Out

Restomods 1971 Dodge Challenger rear third quarter view

The engine is not the only modern part of this classic muscle car. To elevate the driving experience, Restomods has replaced suspension, brakes, and tires. They have even fortified the frame to improve rigidity. This classic Challenger gets bitier Wilwood front disc brakes. Taking care of driving dynamics further is a custom set of Hotchkis full suspension system.

The dudes at Restomods also strengthened the chassis with Hotchkis subframe connectors. All these custom bits to a set of cool US mags wheels wrapped with sporty Nitto tires, and you have a reincarnated first-gen Challenger that drives and behaves like a 2020 sports car.

The car gets an all-black paint job by SV Body and Paint. And amidst all the darkness, its cool custom octane LED headlamps put on a light show. The LED tail lamps are straight off a modern Dodge Challenger, and the guys at Restomods cut out the 71 Challenger’s rear section to slide those huge LEDs right in.

Restomods 1971 Dodge Challenger interior view

This classic Challenger Restomod interior also gets a modern touch. The original dashboard has been retained. But it gets a cool custom Forever Sharp steering wheel and an aftermarket infotainment system that supports Bluetooth, smartphone pairing, and even navigation.

Everything else on the dashboard is straight-up 70s-vibing with original parts. The seats have been replaced with a cozy set of custom units from Procar by SCAT. And the cabin has been wrapped in custom upholstery from SOS Customz, which also includes the rear seats. Adding more modern flair to this build are power mirrors and power windows.

Restomods has done a clever job of blending in modern and sophisticated technology features into this Challenger without disrupting its classic muscle appeal.

What Makes The First-Gen Dodge Challenger Special?

1971 Dodge Hemi Challenger RT classic muscle car hd wallpaper
Mecum Auctions

The first-gen Dodge Challenger was actually very late to the party. Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, and Pontiac GTO were already basking in the muscle car fever that started in the 50s and peaked in the 60s. But the 1970 Dodge Challenger, because of its last entry, is widely considered to be the last true-blue muscle car.

Dodge sold 83,000 units of the 1970 Challenger, which happens to be the highest ever. All these years, no other Dodge Challenger model has surpassed the sales feat that the first-ever Challenger achieved.

The first-gen Challenger was a blazing success because of its cozy and spacious interior, timeless yet muscular exterior design, and a plethora of engine options. This helped every other American find a Challenger that suited their needs. While it was downhill after the 1970 model year, people have now come to embrace the Challenger that started it all.

A used first-gen Dodge Challenger sells for an average price of $77,046. A 1970 Dodge HEMI Challenger R/T Convertible also sold for a whopping $1.65 million. So, yes, the origin story of the Dodge Challenger is a big-ticket muscle car of the past.

Restomods Is The Santa Of American Muscle Car Giveaways

Restomods 1971 Dodge Challenger cruising on the highway

Restomods has given away 19 iconic and desirable classic American muscle cars over the past four years to people whose first reaction was in the bandwidth of “Are you kidding me right now?!”. So, they have been making the muscle car dreams of many Americans come true.

But the RM19 is special because it is the first time that they are giving away a Dodge Challenger. And they really did pick a historic one, with the 1971 model. There have been two other Dodge muscle cars in their giveaways, but both were classic Chargers.