Truly Loyal Dog Spends 2 Days Protecting Injured Friend on Frozen Train Tracks

A tense video of two dogs on train tracks in Russia stirs up all kinds of emotions and questions. But one thing is for sure. Watching this heroic dog refuse to leave his injured friend’s side is a touching picture of true devotion!

The incredible story of Panda and Lucy isn’t a new one. But it’s one of those stories that resurfaces across the Internet from time to time. And for good reason. Despite the terrifying conditions these two dogs are in, the friendship and loyalty between these furry pals is an inspiring example of true devotion for all of God’s creatures.

In Russia, two dogs named Panda and Lucy found themselves in a terrible situation. We don’t know all the details, but somehow Lucy wound up severely injured and trapped on railroad tracks. Between the sub-zero temps and the dangerous location, Lucy could have easily been left for dead.

But her furry pal, Panda, refused to leave her side. For two days, Panda stayed with Lucy, protecting her as best he could from the elements and oncoming trains. You can even see in the nail-biting video how Panda pushes Lucy’s head down so the two are laying flat as a train barrels straight for them.

WATCH: Brave Dog Won’t Leave Injured Friend’s Side

Thankfully, the pair remained safe. And Panda’s refusal to leave Lucy’s side, even if it meant sacrificing his own life, is what true devotion looks like.

Man’s Daring Rescue Of Two Dogs On Train Tracks

The heart-wrenching scene drew lots of attention. And word of the stranded pair finally made its way to Good Samaritan, Denis Malafeev.

It’s unclear (and quite disturbing) as to why no one tried to help the poor dogs sooner. That’s what makes this video heartwarming and aggravating at the same time. Panda’s heroic devotion to his friend is truly moving. But it’s also so disheartening to know these two suffered such extreme danger for two whole days before Denis came to their rescue.

Perhaps others tried and gave up when Panda went into protective mode. Apparently, it’s the reason the terrifying video of their train encounter even exists.

“Several attempts to remove the animal from the rail were in vain,” Denis explained at one point on Facebook. “Because the dog strongly defended her from us.”

According to the Dodo, Denis wanted to get Panda and Lucy off of the tracks sooner. But Panda wouldn’t let humans get near him or his injured friend.

Denis kept trying and finally earned Panda’s trust enough to get the pair off the tracks and into Denis’ car.

From there, Denis took Panda and Lucy to an animal rescue shelter, where Lucy received medical care for her injuries.

Thank God these sweet pups got the rescue and medical attention they deserve. And what a beautiful example Panda set for us all.

“I know one thing: not all humans would do this!” Denis wrote on social media. “We should take a lesson from this!”