Two Puppies Fall Into A Deadly Cobra Pit, Then The Cobra Amazes Everyone

The world can be a dangerous place, and not just for humans. For wild animals, they never know when trouble will strike them, and they always have to be on the lookout. While humans can use their words to call for help and have assistance, animals don’t have that ability. Even our own pets get themselves into dangerous predicaments we have to same them from, but for young puppies it can sometimes be fatal.

A man, who lived in the Indian state of Punjab, realized that two of his puppies were missing after being alerted by the mother’s incessant barking as she paced near a wall. She knew exactly where they had disappeared to and led the man towards a deep pit, shocking him when he realized what was at the bottom of it.

At some point the two small puppies had fallen into the pit, but the most frightening aspect of the ordeal was the king cobra that was sitting right next to them. Of course, the man panicked, thinking that the cobra might have hurt the puppies, but it didn’t threaten them at all to his surprise. It is completely unlike the snake, which is known as one of the world’s deadliest species and it a creature many people fear.

Most would have reacted as the man did and thought the cobra would attack the puppies, but it isn’t always possible to predict how animals will react to one another. Snakes are often seen as vicious creatures, but in this instance, it decided against attacking the sweet looking puppies who cowered next to each other.

In fact, it seemed that the king cobra was protecting the two puppies and kept them in the safest part of the well. The sides of the well were saturated with water, keeping it damp and causing the puppies to shiver in the cold. We’re sure that anyone in that position would have reacted the same way as the man, but it’s hard to know if the puppies felt scared being down there with the cobra.

After almost 48 hours spent in the well, the authorities arrived and got to work on rescuing the puppies and the cobra. While people went down the well to save the puppies, the cobra slithered over to the other side of the well, where it could let the rescuers get on with their work safely.

To everyone’s relief, the two puppies were unharmed, which was a huge surprise considering how far they fell. If anything, they were a little shocked at what they had gotten themselves into. Once the puppies were where they belonged, the rescuers went back into the well to save the cobra as well. It was then taken into the woods and released where it wouldn’t be able to harm anyone or fall into a well again.

It is these kinds of stories that remind us how surprising animals can be and that not everything is always as it seems.