VIDEO: Loyal Dog Waits 6 Hours Beside His Friend Hit by a Car—Until Human Rescuers Arrive, Save the Day

This incredible video shows how one dog waited for help for at least six hours after his furry friend was hit by a car.

Samantha Zimmer, 36, an accountant from Houston, saw a Facebook plea from a local mail carrier who had spotted the dogs at 11 a.m. but was unable to get them help.

She and her fiancé, George Dix, decided to find the two pals, Corey and Matthew, by driving around the area as described on the Facebook post while looking out for the helpless dogs.

After driving 50 minutes toward Dayton, at about 4 p.m., they came across Corey lying on the road and knew Matthew would be nearby.



Initially, Corey was wary but was won over by a can of sausages. After he was secured, they went to recover a tail-wagging Matthew from the ditch, which was partially filled with water. Matthew whimpered as George tried to lift him. The dog was raw and appeared to have broken bones, but George eventually hoisted him onto some blankets in the back of the car.

They brought the dogs to Houston to receive medical care: Matthew had a fractured front right leg, a cracked tooth, and road rash, not to mention fleas. The pals were reunited the day Matthew was picked up from the vet. They rode together happily while Matthew was taken to his medical foster home.



Both dogs are currently being fostered separately through a nonprofit rescue called Lola’s Lucky Day while on the road to recovery and receiving medical treatment. They are currently set to be adopted to an owner in Wisconsin.

“When we headed out to find these dogs, we knew we might not make it in time,” Samantha said. “We were so relieved to see that Corey had stayed with Matthew and that, despite his injuries, he was still breathing normally, wagging his tail, and happy to see us.”

She added, “Matthew yelped in pain but never once tried to bite, that’s how sweet he is. We knew then that he was a fighter and we had a chance of saving him. It’s clear he had been suffering from neglect long before he was actually hit by the car.”



As a fosterer for Lola’s Lucky Day, Samantha shares all her rescue stories online to help raise awareness of the issue of homeless animals in Texas, generate donations for their medical care, and find them adoptive homes. The reaction to the rescue has been positive, with people wanting to help and donate from far and wide. However, some viewers commented that they were disappointed Matthew and Corey were being fostered in different homes.

Samantha emphasized that there are such limited spaces in Houston and their priority was to place them in the best foster homes as per their medical needs.

“Matthew and Corey are both thriving,” she added. “While they definitely got along great when they were homeless, they are not sad whatsoever in their foster homes. They have won the hearts of everyone who meets them with their appetite for joy and life.”

(Video Credit: Newsflare)