Video: Paralyzed Puppy Rushes To Her Dad Returning From Deployment And Awaits Hug

They say love can move mountains and, in this case, it’s true. When it comes to being reunited with loved ones, nothing can hold a person back, and that goes for dogs, too. Just watch what this little partially paralyzed dog named Emma does when her dad gets home from a long deployment.

Emma is a pit bull mix who was born with a condition that caused her hind legs to be paralyzed. She was adopted by a couple who foster dogs with special needs for SNARR. After her adoption, Emma developed a very special relationship with her human dad, who serves in the military.

Sometime later, her dad was deployed, and Emma missed him very much. The dog spent her time with her dog siblings and mom, while she waited for the day that her human dad would come back to her.

Six months later Emma heard the footsteps she’d been waiting for. Dad was home! So, she sat at the end of the hall and waited for him to open the front door. As her fur siblings rush ahead to greet their dad, Emma scoots toward him as fast as she can, then waits patiently for him to pick her up for a big hug.

As the other dogs jump and dance around dad’s feet in excitement, Emma can only sit and wait her turn. It’s heartwarming to see the happiness of all three dogs but there is something about Emma sitting there patiently that will especially tug at your heart.

About the sweet reunion, her mom, Melissa Proctor Swanson, said, “Emma and her papa had a really special relationship! When he went, it tore a hole in her heart. She will typically be waiting for me to pick her up at the end of the hallway at the point where the door into the house opens. This time, however, when her father entered the room, she went straight to him!”

She also said, “My husband has been absent for the past half a year. Just before he departed, we adopted a special needs puppy with a terrible birth defect. We are long-term foster parents for SNARR, which is an animal rescue organization for animals with special needs.”

Since this video was taken, Emma has had surgery to amputate her legs so that she can get around easier. We’re sure she’s thrilled about that. The little dog has a huge spirit and lets nothing hold her back.

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