Watch: Man scoops up abandoned puppy living in an old boot and gives her whole new life

Every-day, countless homeless dogs die because of hunger, and it’s just a matter of time before another poor pooch bites the dust.

An animal lover from Serbia named Goran Marinkovic religiously feeds stray animals in his area whenever he goes out for walks on the streets of Kraljevo. He just can’t stand the sight of the poor animals scraping for dirty food that’s why he always makes sure to feed every animal that he meets on his way.

Dating back to March of 2020 before the pandemic even started, Goran met an abandoned puppy and didn’t just offer food but also changed its life forever.


“Passing a narrow pathway, I heard crying coming from the rocks,” he told The Dodo. “She was cold, hungry and thirsty. I had food, so right away I gave her salami.”


The poor pup was surrounded by all sorts of trash and there was just an old shoe that’s protecting her, perhaps from the harsh weather and bigger animals. Goran found no mama dog around and that’s when he realized that the pup needed more than just food.

Love at first sight.

When the animal lover, tried to approach the weak pup, it quickly gave in and gave her trust in Goran. She then laid down with her tummy exposed, it was as if he was inviting her rescuer to give her some belly rubs.

“She was exhausted,” said Goran. “She knew that I might be her only chance, so she lay down and surrendered to fate.”

After feeding the pup, Goran wasted no second and immediately brought her to a vet. With the type of environment that the poor baby had, it’s not impossible for her to be sick. Thankfully, the veterinarian found no life-threatening or anything serious to be worried about the pup whom he soon named Coco.

Time went by and Coco eventually transformed into an adorable pooch. She started to show her playful side and soon after, she was put up for adoption by Goran. He wanted to give Coco her new forever home and family.

He decided to share Coco’s adorable photos on Facebook and to no surprise, adoption requests instantly came in pouring.

However, Goran wanted nothing but the best for Coco, so he decided to contact one of his friends and also a fellow rescuer who knew someone with knowledge about international animal adoptions.

After completing the necessary papers as well as her vaccines, Coco was eventually flown to her new home in Germany!

It didn’t take long before she adapted to her new environment. The then stray pup soon became almost unrecognizable, the face of a sickly pup already transformed into a beautiful dog. From an old shoe to a comfortable bed, Coco started living the life that she truly deserves.

“[Coco] has a beautiful home and she is currently on vacation. I get pictures regularly — they’re at sea right now,” Goran said. “Every rescued dog from the street who finds a home is a victory for me.”

A victory indeed! Hopefully, more people will follow through with Goran’s advocacy, so that more and more stray dogs will get a “happily ever after” just like Coco.

Don’t forget to watch the video below.

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