Watch: Terrified Abandoned Puppy Transform Into The Cutest Love Bug

Rescuers were sent a video of an adorable puppy living near a busy road in war-torn Ukraine, so they quickly went searching for the little white dog.

The evening started with meeting up with the woman who took the video. She would be able to show them where the dog was living so hopefully, they can find it right away, but it was already dark out.

With flashlights, they searched through fields and demolished buildings looking for the little puppy. Cars drive past as they continue to look for the little dog. Determined to find it, they are unwilling to give up and leave the dog behind.

Then it seemed luck was on their side because suddenly the dog showed up carrying a big bone. But it was scared and afraid to get close to them even though its little white tail wagged like a flag.

So, they got some food and soon lured the dog closer to them in hopes of catching it. Yet, the adorable dog was as small as it was fearful, and it continued to try to run and hide from them, darting in and out of the plants.

Just when it seems like their luck would run out, finally they can snatch the dog and bring it to safety. They hold the puppy, but it’s clearly scared out of its mind and unsure if they mean it harm.

They take the dog to safety and try to comfort it. But the poor thing is not even willing to take comfort or eat and has clearly been through a lot of trauma in its very short life.

So, they shower the dog with love and give it a much need needed bath. The sweet little dog is covered in stickers but allows the rescuers to remove them all to get it ready to see the vet for the first time.

Once there it is determined that it’s a ‘she’ and she’s given the name, Lucy. She gets a full exam, and they estimate she is only six months old. Lucy gets her vaccines, and her parasites treated, and despite her fear, she is calm and allows herself to be helped.

Lucy is such a tiny girl; she would not have survived on her own much longer. She was saved just in time and now the search will begin for the perfect family to love her.

But first, Lucy gets to go shopping and get all the things that the adorable puppy needs. Treats, chews, food, and toys. Already, things are looking up and a glimmer of a smile appears on her sweet face.

Soon all the fear and sadness are just a distant memory. Lucy transforms into a cuddly love bug just in time for her adoption photoshoot, which of course she is the cutest in.

We’re so glad Lucy was able to be saved. Surely, she will have no trouble finding the perfect family to love her. We hope you enjoyed her rescue story. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.