Women and Cars: Julia Stallone’s 1973 Chevy Camaro with LS1 Engine That’s Waiting for a Pro Touring Makeover

Like a lot of us, Julia Stallone got the addiction to mechanical things and speed as a kid, riding jet skis, four-wheelers, and dirt bikes. She tells us, “The adrenaline rush was so exciting to me, a feeling I know only other speed lovers could understand.” We fully understand, Julia!

Her first automotive memory was learning how to drive in a 1973 Camaro, which she still has in her collection. The four-speed proved to be the perfect hot rod to learn to drive in, and she picked it up quickly in a parking lot around the corner from her house.

“My father grew up around muscle cars and always had one in his shed to work on. When he brought home a new car, I was the only one of my siblings to run outside in excitement to check it out. Being surrounded by motors my whole life has only made my love for cars grow stronger.”

Her daily driver is a Mercedes C43 AMG, but we can forgive her that since she has hot rodded it with a carbon-fiber splitter and diffuser and also lowered the car. But her real hot rod is that 1973 Camaro, which she’s trying to finish in full-on Pro Touring style. So far, it has Wilwood rear brakes, a cammed-up LS1 engine, T56 transmission, and a complete Hotchkis Stage 2 TVS suspension. Some of the other pictured cars and trucks belong to her dad, plus various others she’s come across.

“What I like about working on cars is the learning process. I am no expert yet, but having the ability to work on my own cars is what keeps me learning new things about each of them every weekend that I am not working or studying for school.”