World Deluxe Sapanca Offers You A Unique Holiday Experience.

Hello to everyone… We continue to discover different and wonderful tiny houses all over the world. Today we will introduce you to the A-Frame holiday complex ‘World Deluxe Sapanca‘, suitable for the minimalist life of your dreams.

This magnificent holiday village is located in Sapanca district of Sakarya. Sapanca is a wonderful district of Turkey, famous for its natural beauties. You can rent World Deluxe Sapanca through Etstur for a wonderful holiday experience.


The holiday village with a modern and stylish design was built in 2021. It consists of 28 small villas where you will feel at home.

A-Frame holiday home has modern and stylish equipment to meet all your needs. Wooden products used in the general design of the houses have added style to the design of the house. The wide and large windows of the A-Frame houses made the environment bright and spacious.

The main living area is very stylishly designed with wooden patterns and light furniture. The brown armchairs in the living room add elegance to the environment.

The house has a wonderful queen bedroom designed in light colours. There are also two single beds for crowded guests. Bedrooms are designed according to different needs.

A-Frame house has a minimalist kitchen designed in a modern style. For all your needs in the kitchen, there is a refrigerator, stove, oven and various equipment in the kitchen. The holiday home has a stylish bathroom designed with white tiles.

World Deluxe Sapanca has a magnificent view of Sapanca lake. It is located in the middle of the magnificent pine forest, where you can breathe the fresh air in abundance. In the middle of the site, there is a large pool and children’s playground where you will have a great time.

By the way, the resort accepts pets.

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