XP-63 Widebody Vette: Up Close With the SEMA Top 40 Winner

Concocted and constructed almost entirely at Eddie’s Rod & Custom, this wild widebody ’63 Vette swept SEMA by storm in 2022. Codenamed “XP-63,” this build blends one-off aesthetics with iconic Corvette lines. It has been the recipient of an impressive lineup of modifications, like a 1,000-horsepower Whipple supercharged V8 LS3, performance underpinnings by the pound, and a bespoke 3D-printed cockpit fit for royalty.

For those who fawn over such things, the XP-63 restomod is the sort of thing that dreams are made of. The creation was all made possible by a ton of creativity, perseverance, financial backing, and teamwork. And yes, that is actually matte paint and not a vinyl wrap job you see on the XP-63, so don’t ask.

Get past all of the bonkers bodywork and paint provided by Eddie’s Rod & Custom, and you’ll notice this ’63 split window Vette’s vitals are more than just for show. Don’t believe us? Here’s what makes this left-lane cruiser so roadworthy…

The details that went into the XP-63 Corvette are nothing short of stunning, and functional to boot.

Delight In The Details

As with certain other one-off chassis builds we’ve featured in recent months, this hot rod is based on a framed creation from Art Morrison Enterprises. Coupled with a select few larger-sized custom carbon fiber aero additions, a vented hood that is more vent than hood, and some seriously snazzy side mirrors from Ringbrothers, the outside of this ride captivates the imagination.

And while a combo of Holley Performance Products and Aeromotive Inc. makes the Whipple supercharged engine hum, the aesthetic details really grab the eye. Matte-colored motor bits, both big and small, simultaneously stand out and blend in. All while color-matched billet hinges provide function and form. All this goodness is enshrouded in a shaved and tucked engine bay the likes of which the world has never known.

This same level of functionality and fine craftsmanship flows into the 3D-printed cabin. Here, vintage meets viable practicality, as modern-tech enhancements sit seamlessly inside one-off mounting points. The same motif of contrasting and complimenting colors can also be found inside. Adding toggle switches, performance pedals, shifter assembly, and a swath of modern accouterments and materials add a timeless aesthetic to the XP-63 Corvette.

Ride Reimagined

Since the XP-63 is built for cruising and is not just a static show queen, the decision to make the ride and handling portion of the build as proper as possible was paramount.

From Bilstein coilovers and control arms from Art Morrison Enterprises to Tilton Engineering master cylinders and correlating pedals, there is a plethora of steering and handling additions to this machine that make it come alive.

Sitting atop a set of stunning HRE forged rollers and stopping on an equally sizable brake kit, the performance attributes of this car are just as significant as its aesthetics.