Big Block Mercury Cougar Rocks And Rolls

This classic American muscle car is a legendary dragster with a massive V8 engine under the hood.

The Mercury Cougar is possibly one of the most fantastic luxury muscle cars to wear the American flag because of its unique style and relatively underground following. Everything from the straight body line above the rear fender to the vinyl top made this car incredibly controversial in the automotive enthusiast community. Some people would say it’s not for them, but those who appreciate the car for its refined beauty understand just how unique these cars are. That’s precisely why it’s so cool to see this car running around the streets of Los Angeles boasting a flamboyant exhaust note unlike any other Cougar in the mainstream.

Under the hood of this surprisingly small muscle car is a massive 504 ci big-block V8 engine pushing out over 750 horsepower and similar torque numbers to the rear tires. Of course, if we’re talking about the rear tires, then you’ll notice that the stock road tires have been replaced with a set of borderline drag radials. All you need to know about the suspension setup can be summed up with two words, drag racing! This is evident when the driver steps on the gas as the car’s nose lift off the ground and nearly does a wheelie on the street. Calling this car fast would be a drastic understatement because of the sheer power and raw acceleration, making it what it is today.

Apparently, the owner’s father had the car sitting in a garage for many years in its stock form, and, after a little while, he thought it fitting to revitalize the old beast. The owner did not see many cars like his in mainstream car culture, so he decided to flip the scripts on all the small blocks and Coyote swaps. That is what led him to drop in that massive big-block V8 and what made the car such an iconic piece of automotive mastery. Of course, this all can be boiled down by saying that this car is the epitome of American Rock and Roll counterculture. would like to thank American Collectors Insurance for their continued support of the collector car hobby. As the highest customer-rated classic car insurance company in the industry, American Collectors Insurance provides innovative insurance products tailored to the unique needs of fellow Collectors.

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