Mama Dog Giving Birth, Lonely, Chained up Under Heavy Rain

Meet Merica! Merica lived a brutally lonely life, chained up in the Texas elements. She had really nasty owners. Her litters continued dying thus the owners claimed mom“ wasn’t worth keeping”.

She was quite pregnant about to give delivery. Woman is in labor in the rain. The owner was in the house, he was watching TV. He even laughed when someone came to the rescue.

Merica was rescued off of a chain, in the pouring rain thanks to H4M Sanctuary Dogs. After being picked up at the shelter, she gave birth.

Adorable babies were born. Contrary the Owner’s claims, Merica is a lovely mother. She is quite tolerant, taking care of the tiny puppies very carefully.

10 Puppies were born: 8 boys, 2 girls. Merica made gorgeous sweet babies.

A month later; “Merica’s” babies are so big and fat! They will be going to Dawgs Fight Back and will have a fantastic life!