Man Risks His Life, Jumps Into Frozen Water To Save Drowning Dog

Don Chatten, a 49-year-old man, was walking his two rescue dogs at Ellicott Creek Dog Park when one of his dogs stopped at the foot of the bridge and started acting strange. Don followed the dog and found a small dog trapped in the freezing waters.

Credit: Facebook/Samantha Kelly

Don shouted to everyone to call 911, but he knew he needed to do something immediately. Without thinking twice, Don took off his shoes and jumped into the icy waters to save the distressed animal. He broke the ice with his forearm and swam through the path of broken ice to reach the dog. Then, he picked the dog up, held him in his chest and got out of the freezing water.


Credit: Facebook/Samantha Kelly

The dog, a Terrier mix called Jackson, couldn’t stand up his legs were so numb — and he was clearly in shock. He was brought to the vets and given emergency care. The vets checked the dog’s body temperature and realized that if Don hadn’t done what he did, Jackson would probably have passed away.


Credit: Facebook/Samantha Kelly

Jackson’s owner was looking everywhere for him, so he was happy and grateful to get his baby back. Don has been hailed a hero, but he attributes that rescue to his determined dog who felt the danger. Thank you, Don!

Some people captured the incredible rescue using their mobile phone. Click the video below to watch Don bravely rescue little Jackson!


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