She became a mother for the first time, but the owner sold the majority of the puppies. The mother dog clung to her final offspring and pleaded.

People say that dogs are the most affectionate animals, especially when they treat their cubs even more affectionately.

The story is that the neighbor has a dog, it behaves very gently with everyone. Some time ago she became pregnant for the first time, then gave birth to 5 puppies.

When the owner sees so many puppies, he is quite happy and often shows them off to everyone around him

Newborn puppies are still scared of their surroundings, so they often just curl up in their mother’s arms to suckle . This scene looks so warm, but the owner is worried that too many puppies will cause trouble in the house.

Indeed, when they were about 1 month old and started running around, the owner felt very upset, ” Why are puppies so naughty?”

So a few days later the homeowner sold and gave away most of the puppies . When I first learned about it, I saw that the mother dog was sad, depressed, and had no spirit left.

Within just  one week, the mother dog witnessed her children leaving one by one at too young an age

. From being active and flexible, the mother dog becomes quiet, self-pitying, and stops eating

At this time , there is only one last puppy left in the house , the owner plans to let someone else adopt it. The mother dog seemed extremely frightened, hugging her baby tightly in her arms, not letting anyone get close.

Even family members do not dare to arbitrarily move the puppy for fear of the mother dog’s anger. It seems that the family also felt sympathy for the mother dog’s feelings, so they decided to keep this dog

Even though the mother and child are inseparable, the mother dog is still very scared. Whenever she sees someone coming to hug her child, she will cry, it’s really pitiful.

What do you think about the host family’s actions? Could it be that if they had been a little patient, the dog’s mother wouldn’t have had to be separated at such a young age?