Special Video: Giant Service Dog Changes The Life Of A Special Young Girl

This 11-year-old girl suffers from a very rare disease but thanks to her giant service dog, she can now walk again.

Bella suffers from a very rare genetic disorder called Morquio Syndrome. Her health condition causes her body to not produce enough enzymes, which affects her bones, spine, and organs, which resulted in mobility problems that made her reliant on crutches and a wheelchair.

Despite Bella’s health problems, she still volunteered for the non-profit, Service Dog Project. And even though she didn’t want to live her life confined to a wheelchair, she had the heart to help other people.

One day while volunteering, Bella climbed up to visit with a huge Saint Bernard named George. The big dog rested his head in her lap and the two were instant best friends. It was as if they were always destined to be together.

Bella and George needed each other, and he became her service dog. With George’s help, Bella could walk again by holding onto his harness and was even able to go upstairs again. Now George is getting his Dog’s Best Day reward for being such a helpful boy.

George’s Dog’s Best Day starts out with a trip to Fenway Park and a burger feast from Wahlburger’s Fenway. George doesn’t normally get to have people food, so his burger treat is truly special for him but even then, George decides the buns aren’t his thing.

Next up, is a snow sledding trip just for Bella and George. George loves the snow and has the mega zoomies. The two of them have a bunch of fun and then it’s off to make some more Dog’s Best Day memories.

It’s back to Boston for more delicious surprises. George gets to go on a treat shopping spree at Polkadog Bakery, which is packed with yummy snacks. Everywhere George looks, there are treats. According to Bella, “it’s like a candy store for dogs.”

After all those treats, it’s time to go back to the hotel, but surprise, their room is now packed with dog toys just for George. He even gets some new doggy swag and there has even been a $1,000 donation to the Service Dog Project in their name.

After such a busy day, George is sleepy but no worries because George even got a new giant bed so he no longer has to crowd Bella out of hers.

George and Bella are truly special and lucky to have found each other. We hope you enjoyed their inspiring video. As always, please share with your friends.