The Most Heartwarming Story Behind A Dog Picks Out Same Toy Every Time She’s At The Store

It reminds her that she’s loved ❤️️

Doris’ family adopted her around two years ago, and since then they’ve learned that, though she may be small, Doris is definitely opinionated.

“Doris is sweet, HILARIOUS, but is also bossy and sassy in the best of ways,” Julie Watson, Doris’ mom, told The Dodo. “She basically runs our household.”

When her family adopted her, the first toy they bought for her was a squeaky bone. Doris immediately fell in love with her new toy and slept with it every single night. One day, Doris was at the grocery store with her mom and saw the same toy for sale — and demanded to bring it home. Her mom bought it for her, and now, every time they’re at the grocery store, she insists on buying another copy of her favorite toy.

Her family realized the toy probably made Doris feel comfortable and reminded her of the day she was adopted, and with that in mind, they just couldn’t say no.

Whenever Doris is out on a walk, she tries to pull her mom in the direction of the grocery store to buy another toy. Her mom gives in every few weeks or so, but if it were up to Doris, they’d go every day.

“She has around 25 of these toys … but there would definitely be more if we allowed it,” Watson said.

To Doris’ credit, she plays with every single one of the bones she buys. In fact, she pretty much refuses to play with anything else.

“We’ll try to play fetch with her in the house with another toy, but she always resorts back to her favorite squeaky, bacon-scented bone,” Watson said.

Doris loves her family so much, and since that toy is the first one they ever gave her, she’s decided that’s all she needs.